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gabelstapler - chariot élévateur


Allis - Chalmers, the famous American forklift machines.

My Allis Chalmers forklift

Since november 2006 I'm the proud owner of an Allis-Chalmers forklift.
I bought it for my collection for a scratch-price.

It has a continental 6 cilinder gas engine (runs on LPG) and runs perfect. This machine was from the US overseas forces and by lack of a war it wasn't used very much: it has only 1300 hours on it.

Allis Chalmers is a famous factory for heavy equipment.
They made:
  • dozers
  • tractors
  • forklifts
  • excavation machines
  • cranes
  • electric machines-
  • and even worked on the 'Manhattan project'  to make the first atomic bomb!


At first we started cleaning the typeplates. Some were
covered in paint...

Others could be cleaned easily

We found even some sprayed-over letters and tried to clean it
with solvent. "US AIRFORCE"


It was gasoline powered but converted to propane (LPG)
There is still some old gasoline in the tank!

The dashboard. Real American: lots of gauges!

Boy next door Henk is in charge!
He is a very skilled worker and a good forkliftoperator too

The engine, the propane evaporator and the airfilter.

The heavy ALLIS CHALMERS axle with planetarian reduction.

Beautifull grille, 1/3 inch thick (8 mm)  covering the
muffler and the radiator


Geert van Dijk, owner.


The guy with the beard is not father Christmas but he acted like one by selling this machine to me for a friendly price.

ex-US Airforce
And shipped to Europe in 1978.


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Allis Chalmers Excavation